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a mix I made for [livejournal.com profile] saltdawg

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Sequins and Sparkles: Thank You Dave!!!!!

well that's something. here's a streaming version (** = missing tracks)

skinny puppy - death
boris - message
the horrors - i can't control myself
the kills - fried my little brains
silversun pickups - panic switch
ballboy - i hate scotland
yeasayer - ambling alp
the flaming lips with stardeath & white dwarfs - borderline
school of seven bells - iamundernodisguise
camera obscura - french navy
graveyard - blue soul
animal collective - my girls
grizzly bear - two weeks
**standard fare - dancing
kid cudi - day n nite
**slow down tallahassee - angel of death
the cotton jones band - midnight monday and a telescope
fever ray - when i grow up
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Via Warren Ellis, there’s Shane MacGowan and Friends ‘I Put A Spell On You’ in aid of Concern Worldwide’s work in Hait. Johnny Depp on guitar, Nick Cave, etc etc.

Perhaps I should make a different-versions of the same song mix of “I Put a Spell On You” like I did for “Stagger Lee” and “My Funny Valentine”, although my favorite version of “spell” is still Marilyn Manson’s

via My Funny Valentine | yukbon | 8tracks.

via Stagger Lee / Stackalee / Staggolee | yukbon | 8tracks.

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My Funny Valentine | yukbon | 8tracks.

A mix of nothing but different versions of “my funny valentine”. I never get tired of that song.

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120 min sony tape
side A
1. touched by the moon - the legendary pink dots
2. tupelo - nick cave and the bad seeds
3. jynweythek - aphex twin
4. harmony - clinic
5. pantone (red) - to rococo rot and i-sound
6. tried by 12 - east flatbush project
7. land of sunshine - faith no more
8. xynobis - godflesh
9. me an the devil blues - cowboy junkies
10. wave of mutilation (u.k. surf) - the pixies
11. children of god - the swans
12. coitus interruptus (live 2002 SAMA) - fad gadget
13. 46 & 2 - tool
14. babylon - pop will eat itself

Side B
1. in my head a sphere of heavy fluid - peter christopherson
2. kommienezuspadt - tom waits
3. passenger - the deftones
4. one hundred years (live) - the cure
5. cantspeak - danzig
6. a dream of the inmost light for christoph heeman - current 93
7. the choke (live) - skinny puppy
8. song 2 - blur
9. 3 libras - a perfect circle
10. digging in the dirt - peter gabriel
11. disconnection notice - sonic youth
12. get my rocks off - marilyn manson

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