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iron & wine's "your blue eyes" always makes me think of the relationship that wasn't. she was both the one that got away and the one that i was spared from.
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honestly, i don't know. next year? this year? needs hindsight.
jax came over -- i've been good friends with her since roughly '94 -- with her husband and afterwards told me "it's really great seeing you at peace, finally". I think that's fair.
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i have thought about this on and off for years -- ultimately, it's something i want to do. possibly when i retire and/or move from the US to Spain or Portugal or PR. I'm thinking a mixture of Americana diner food, tapas and the world cuisine stuff i like to cook in addition to the cuban/spanish foods i grew up on. I like indian and thai and assuming you've got the ingredients to hand, they're not particularly difficult cuisines to cook. I think i'd like to put in a decent vegetarian section and i've always wanted to have a "surprise" on the menu -- my local thai joint has both a 'chefs choice' and a 'surprise!' option in their japanese menu, and i've always wanted to steal that idea.

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